J. Warren Killam Principal


Welcome to the J.W. Killam Elementary School! Our school is comprised of over 425 students from Pre-kindergarten through Fifth grade (23 classrooms total). Our dedicated staff includes General Education teachers, Special Education teachers, Specialists, Related Service Providers, Paraprofessionals, Tutors, School Nurse, Office Team, Custodians, and Cafeteria workers. We share our building with two RISE Preschool classrooms, an integrated program staffed by supportive and knowledgeable Early Childhood Teachers and Paraprofessionals.

All staff members are committed to helping our students have a successful elementary experience! We work tirelessly to develop social-emotional learning skills, provide academic challenges, ensure student safety, and promote a space for all individuals. We do this by fostering positive relationships, collaborating with teachers and families, and providing high quality instructional experiences. As a school, we focus on building productive and kind individuals through our TRRFCC Core Values. TRRFCC stands for:

T- Trustworthy

R- Respectful

R- Responsible

F- Fair

C- Caring

C- Citizens

The J.W. Killam School being a place where everyone belongs, where everyone achieves at their personal best, and where everyone’s accomplishments are celebrated.

Our Principal